Chat UI

Chat UI is excellent for general purposed QA. It's a conventional chatbot interface similar to ChatGPT


By default, Chat will have example questions you can ask the chatbot. Click any example to try it out

Session History

Your chat session will be saved and available for access anytime on the left navigation bar. You can create a new conversation by clicking the + New Conversation button.

Notice that context-aware conversation is only available if the Callable developer incorporates history in the Callable. All Callables created by Cortex Community will have history enabled.

Text Generation UI

Text generation UI is excellent for back-and-forth document editing. It resembles a rich text editor with AI helping you rewrite and generate paragraphs.

Editing Field

This is the main editing field. You could manually edit paragraphs inside, or ask AI to write for you, and the generated paragraphs will show up inside as well.

Instruct AI to write

Use the instruction box on the right-hand side to tell AI what to write.

You could ask: "write an email to my customer explaining how our pricing plan works." And click generate

Instruct AI to rephrase

To change a specific portion of your paragraphs, highlight the part you'd like to modify, write in the instruction box on how you'd like to modify it, and click Rephrase. This will replace your old highlighted texts with newly generated paragraphs.

Don't worry about inconsistency, the AI is context-aware, so it knows what're the paragraphs before and after the highlighted texts, and adapts the generated response accordingly.

Save draft

Click the save button at the second left button corner. Saved edits will show up on the left navigation bar. You could click any saved edits to resume editing a previous version.

Search UI (Coming Soon)

Search UI is excellent for finding relevant information from your unstructured documents. It resembles a search engine and includes a short summary of the information you are looking for

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